Education Procurement Service (EPS) Winner of the 2018 & 2021 National Procurement Awards “Team of the Year” Working for you as the Department of Educations Sector Sourcing hub for Procurement


The Public Service speaks with one ‘voice’ to the market for each category of expenditure. The OGP fulfils this function for common categories across the public sector, and the four sector sourcing organisations fulfil this function for their sector-specific categories.

EPS provides sourcing services to all Public Sector Bodies (PSB’s) for the following categories of expenditure:

  • Laboratory/Research Diagnostics, Services & Equipment
  • Agriculture and Veterinary Goods & Services
  • Library Goods & Services

EPS will procure the categories within its remit for all PSB’s in accordance with stated policies and consistent with the processes established by the OGP. We are committed to providing you with a sustainable, value for money, professional and compliant procurement sourcing service through the employment of whole life cycle cost. Our commitment to the customer is seen in the delivery of our services

At EPS, we work closely with our stakeholder groups in representing the needs of the education sector in the development of national frameworks and contracts and provide guidance for compliant performance with national guidelines and EU Directives.

Our Mission Statement

To support the Department of Education’s central mission by representing education in the centralised procurement model, providing a sustainable, compliant procurement service to the public sector and to fulfil a positive customer experience.

Our Vision

To provide excellence in the management of sourcing, client and supplier engagement for all education-led categories across the public sector. To implement and promote policies and procedures for national procurement across the education and training sector.

Our Values

At EPS, we value our team and our customers. We will always strive to be:

  • Professional & Respectful
  • Dedicated & Helpful
  • Trustworthy & Reliable
  • Ethical & Objective

Our Objectives

EPS Objectives in Delivering Our Services to You:

  • Promote awareness, compliant performance and best practice in procurement in the education sector
  • Respond effectively to customer sourcing needs
  • Achieve value for money in sourcing goods and services
  • Implement policies and procedures for national procurement in the education sector
  • Be responsible for strategic sourcing and management of education-led categories
  • Provide ongoing professional development and training of EPS staff

Education Sector Hub

EPS is a Central Purchasing Body offering a compliant professional sourcing service to its customers in the public sector.

EPS represents the Education and Training Sector needs providing a voice for the sector within the development of frameworks and contracts under the national procurement model.

The Department of Education funds and supports the EPS to deliver on its programme of work, procurement and sourcing strategy into the future.

Category Management under the centralised procurement model:

OGP-Led Categories:

  • Professional Services
  • Facilities Management & Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • ICT & Office Equipment
  • Marketing, Print & Stationery
  • Travel & HR Services
  • Fleet & Plant
  • Managed Services

Sector-Led Categories:


  • Laboratory, Diagnostics & Equipment
  • Veterinary & Agriculture
  • Library Supplies


  • Medical Professional Services
  • Medical & Diagnostic Equipment &  Supplies
  • Medical, Surgical & Pharmaceutical Supplies

Local Government:

  • Minor Building Works & Civils
  • Plant Hire


  • Defence & Security

Corporate Services to the Education Sector

  • Supporting and enabling compliant performance in procurement across education
  • Providing the tools to get you there – check our Corporate Procurement Pack below
  • Monitoring, receiving and disseminating key information to our education stakeholders
  • Workshopping with groups to identify support requirements
  • Forecasting of procurement requirements across the sector
  • Providing a voice for education in the planning and delivery of national frameworks and contracts


EPS is the Department of Educations sector sourcing hub and is located on the grounds of the University of Limerick (UL) campus.

The governance of EPS is overseen by its steering committee.  Members consist of representatives from the DoE, HEA, EPS, UL and other education sector representatives.

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