EPS Corporate Services works closely with our partners across the education sector in developing tools of engagement for improved efficiency and performance under the national procurement model. Our corporate events will link you with representatives from across education, DES, OGP, HEA and other relevant bodies.

EPS Corporate Services supports the implementation of policies and procedures for national procurement.  The following is an example of some of the areas covered:

  • Information Events
  • Workshops/focus groups across education
  • Corporate procurement planning
  • Information packs/templates/brochures
  • Developing forecast of education sector future procurement requirements
  • Guidance & links to the relevant supports

Corporate Procurement Planning Support and Guidance

The Multi-Annual Procurement Plan (MAPP) template for Higher Education is available by request at info@educationprocurementservice.ie.


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Public Procurement Guidelines for Goods and Services

Uploaded 05/06/2019