The UK has always been a very strong trading partner for Ireland and Brexit will have a severe impact on Irish businesses operations. The UK is Ireland’s largest source of imported goods, and second largest export market. Ireland is the UK’s fifth largest export market and the ninth largest source of our imported goods EPS want to ensure that our customers will continue to get the service they are accustomed to, and we will be reaching out to our supplier base over the coming weeks to understand their position in terms of managing Brexit.

EPS is currently liaising with our Framework suppliers to update where they are in their Brexit preparation under the following areas:

  • Risk of potential logistic delays
  • Continuity of supply strategy
  • Guaranteeing continuity of product supply for the long and short term
  • Details of dedicated Irish stock locations
  • Supplying shipments from both the UK and alternative locations (Europe, Asia etc.)
  • Customer input required regarding stock-holding levels/turnaround to plan and optimise material/product held in various facilities
  • Anticipated increase in orders, order limits and greater demand for safety stock purchasing.
  • How to confirm forecast requirements with supplier Account Managers

EPS has written to all our Framework suppliers to ascertain what practical steps and innovative solutions they are adopting to help guarantee supply to our customer base as we approach year-end. EPS is also appointing a Brexit point-of-contact in their Buying team as we anticipate this project will require our attention well into next year.

For further information, there are many supports available through the 31 Local Enterprise Offices, Enterprise Ireland, Intertrade Ireland and Skillnet Ireland to help businesses examine their Brexit exposure.

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