Philip Gurnett (EPS Director and Head of Sourcing), Ann Murray (EPS Category Specialist), Dr. Chris Fogarty (Energy Manager, University of Limerick) and David Mangan (EPS Portfolio Manager)

The tenth annual National Procurement Awards ceremony took place on Thursday, November 14th, at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin.

EPS were delighted to be the recipient of “Best Green Procurement Project of the Year”. This was a great win for EPS following on from our previous successes, ‘Best Procurement Team of the year’ twice, which we won in 2016 & again in 2018 & ‘Best People Development Initiative’ in 2018.

Best Green Procurement Project is a significant and prestigious award for EPS to win, particularly as the project was completed in partnership with UL and focused on the “reduction of single use plastic on campus”. The project aligns UL Buildings and Estates and EPS in achieving the objectives set by the UL President, the Department of Education and Skills and government policy on the environment.

Speaking about the initiative Dr Chris Fogarty, UL’s Energy Manager, said: “I had the pleasure of working with the EPS to deliver a high-impact project focussed on dramatically reducing single-use plastics at UL. Working with the EPS to ensure the appropriate specifications were included as part of the procurement has facilitated the ongoing effectiveness of the project to be quantified. The EPS approach to the procurement process was collaborative throughout and underpinned by an easy to follow roadmap. The EPS were professional, courteous and efficient and I look forward to working with them in the future.”


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