Procurement News – Summer Issue – ‘Our Shared Future’

Philip Gurnett | Director Education Procurement Service & Head of Sourcing Education

As we welcome the onset of summer, we are delighted to present you with the latest issue of our Education Procurement Service (EPS) newsletter. This edition is themed ‘Our Shared Future,’ a theme we have closely aligned our actions with over recent months and will continue to do so as we progress forward.


To begin with, we are thrilled to announce the successful transition to the new e-tenders platform, an initiative led by the Office of Government Procurement (OGP). This significant transition, which we’ve had the privilege of participating in, stands as a testament to the cooperative spirit within our sector. Our goal of fostering seamless transitions was further emphasised through an eTenders Training event we hosted at the University of Limerick. Welcoming procurement professionals from across the Public Sector for this training underlined our commitment to collaborative growth and development within our community.


As we continue on this shared journey, we are proud to highlight the EPS MAPP Programme, which is marking its fifth anniversary. With a client-centred engagement strategy at its core, this initiative continues to evolve and adapt to our stakeholders’ needs. The upcoming enhancements in data presentation aim to make the MAPP reports more interactive and informative for our sourcing practitioners and sector clients.


This year, we are placing special emphasis on the transformative impact of big data on the procurement function. Our strategic focus is on utilising digital technologies to streamline operations, extract meaningful insights, and foster informed decision-making.


We are also taking notable strides towards promoting interaction between suppliers and practitioners. Our involvement in Procurex Ireland embodies this effort. The event, unique in its aim to blend the often separate spheres of public procurement practitioners and suppliers, facilitates the development of mutually beneficial relationships and a robust network within the industry.


Further solidifying our place in the global context, we participated in an OECD workshop. This experience allowed us to contribute to discussions on procurement practices on an international scale and reinforced our commitment to aligning with global standards.


Our shared future also revolves around sustainability. Our partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a significant step towards making our operations more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Regarding our financial outlook, we anticipate a sector-wide spend of approximately €2.0bn across central spend categories for the period 2022 to 2024. As we progress through this period, we will analyse the usage and performance of our central frameworks and engage with our sector partners on the various metrics and indicators highlighted in the MAPP reports.


Our engagement strategy is expanding under the MAPP programme. Through a focused analysis of individual datasets with our sector partners and ensuring representation with the Central Procurement Board’s (CPBs), Category Councils, and key procurement groups, we hope to make our process more effective and inclusive.


Lastly, in an era where digitalisation is rapidly transforming industries, we are committed to embracing the change. We recognise the immense potential of technology to redefine operations and activities, creating an efficient business environment.


As we continue to adapt and evolve, our focus remains steadfast on our shared future. We look forward to our continued journey together and are excited about the prospects of new opportunities and partnerships.


Yours sincerely,


Philip Gurnett

Director Education Procurement Service & Head of Sourcing Education

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